Monday, January 21, 2013

Time Lapse photography

 These pictures were taken 5-10 seconds apart in this exact order. Scroll through them slowly... and enjoy!

Apparently someone else wants to be in the spotlight!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch FUN!

Kyla is 6 months old! Wow
Kyla's First Pigtails.
Here We are at the aweome Pumpkin Patch.
Molly loved having her own wheel barrel to take around.
She also loved all the tractors. I think the the main reason this pumpkin patch is so popular is because of all the great pics you can get.

Can you feel the love. I think the girls have inherited Fred trademark smile. Which means the smile last for exactly 5 secs. If you miss the opporunity then thats just too bad.

I on the other hand can hold a smile like a statue for hours. We have far too many family pictures where it looks like I am the only one having fun. I have learned to live with that.

Case and point.

Not so Serious
I really thought this would be a cute pose for the girls. Neither one of them agreed with me.
Kyla in the pumpkins
Molly in the pumpkins

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Forest grouse hunt 2012

This year we didn't get any tags for the deer hunt. We tried to take the cheap route and get the leftovers when they became available in June. But on the appointed day and time there were none available for our region. So we decided to try our hand at the grouse hunt again. I'm thinking the grouse hunt will be our annual hunting/camping trip to Temple Flat from now on and if we get a deer tag then it will just be a bonus.
Kyla & Grandpa

Camping was fun as always. There is just something survivalistic (that may not be a real word) about going up into the woodsen and staying alive for the whole night. With the addition of kids it becomes a bigger adrenaline rush to keep everyone warm, fed, and breathing all night long. Plus there is nothing like acting homeless for the night!

Me & Dad went bird hunting in the morn and boy we found em! I have never got more than 2 grouse in a single hunting excursion but this time we both limited out - 4 birds each. We saw three birds on the road side when we first pulled up to elk springs. I made an attempt to be a sportsman (give them a chance to fly) but they just acted like rabbits and decided to make a run for it. Not very smart birds. Which is why we killed them all. Then we walked through the woods next to the road for a bit and a bird flew down out of  a tree right next to us. He suffered the same fate as the first ones. We sat there thinking how weird it was that birds were everywhere and walked around some more. Little did we know there was another grouse in the tree above us. He must have been freaking out after seeing his buddies go to little birdie heaven in quick fashion. We walked right under him (right in the poo-bomb zone) while he was obviously asking himself the question "Self, do I poop on them or fly? poop or fly? POOP or fly? POOP OR FLY!?". At this moment of birdie brain chaos I spotted him and helped him fly to the ground from a small dose of lead poisoning. We ended up getting 3 more fatty blue grouse to finish by 8:30AM. Gotta be a world record time.
Dad looking up at the branch where the grouse hid

When we got back to the camp we found all the women (Sara, Grandma, Molly, and Kyla) all huddle up in the trailer trying to survive a bee attack. The bees were losing their minds! Nobody got stung, but any food product (especially meat) would make the bees act like freaky flies. We were so glad to have the trailer for refuge. Me & Molly  also learned how much fun it is to not have a ceiling. You can chuck kids so much higher when there is no ceiling.

Back at the house we did some more 4 wheeling on the ATVs where I took Sara on this crazy road off to the side of Mill canyon. I'm not sure it is actually a 4 wheeler trail but we used it anyway. We went probably half a mile on the trail until it the road turned into a chipmunk trail. I thought we were going to have to back up the whole road but somehow we managed to turn around and get out of there. In the process Sara established herself as a true 4 wheelin fool. She didn't freak out, wreck, or barf. All good things.

Sara got in on the hunting action too!

PS It took me 4 tries to get blogger to save this post. Adding pictures to a post in firefox is super easy (drag & drop) but it kept dying. Internet Explorer - are you joking? Only google chrome worked (no drag and drop though).

Friday, June 29, 2012

Molly and Kyla update

Here are some more pictures of my two girls. We have so much fun!

I love Molly's face in this one. Just shows how much she enjoyed taking pictures

 Sadly this was the best out of about 20 pics I tried to take that day.

This is Molly and Kyla's first matching outfits. I need to plan a little better next time because Kyla's oufit is so big it looks like pajamas and Mollys is too short. I also need to remember to keep my toes of the picture.

A Fun Comparison of my GIRLS:

This is Molly:

This is KYLA:

Kyla's Picture Update

Kyla is almost three months. I think I have been slacking on the picture updates so I thought I would update as much as I can. Here are some pics of Kyla and all her cuteness. Its a little out of order sorry



Molly is into so many things these days. I wanted to update the blog with a few of our many adventures.

When I wear sunglasse Molly has to have hers on too.

Sometimes its so funny to see how fast Molly falls asleep in the car. On this occasion she didn't have time to put down the sippy cup

One morning I came into my room to find Molly like this. I think she was trying to act like me a Fred because she kept saying Mommy Daddy and pointing at her bunny. When I showed Fred the photo he pointed out that "Daddy" had no covers. Very accurate.

Molly is in love with Elmo. I turn on Elmo's World and she turns into a zombie. This is Molly trying out new positions to sit. 

Molly came down with the chicken pox last week. It was scary at first until I talked to her doctor. Kyla never got  the chicken poxs thank goodness and Molly was just tried and had a mild fever. I was surprised to see that chicken pox was still around.

Along with Elmo, Molly loves Minnie Mouse. She has two minnie mouses, mickey mouse, and donald duck. She loves to play mommy and wrap them up in Kylas blankets and put them in Kyla's bouncer when I am not looking.

One of the hard parts of potty training is teaching Molly to wash her hands. This picture is Molly having some fun "washing her hands"

Molly also likes to dress herself. I think if I let her pick out her own outfits she would look like this everyday.